&traditions magasin – &tradition COMPOSED har getts ut i samarbete med Köpenhamns baserade studion All the Way to Paris, ATWTP. Ett magasin fyllt med stilfulla bilder och reportage om företagets samarbetspartners och designers som SPACE Copenhagen, Jaime Hayón och ATWTP samt framtida samarbetsprojekt som ”Danish Modernism from the archives” med Kastholm och Fabricius.

What makes an object more than an object? And a space more than merely a space? Composition. The art of arranging elements so there´s beauty, harmony and a sense of balance. Contrast and cohesion. Unity and variety. Where every line and curve, colour and texture is carefully considered to give you a feeling of rhythm and movement even in a photo that´s static. We hope you enjoy our angle on aesthetics, as you explore &tradition Composed. Telling stories without words. Where the object is the subject.